Implement Our ReviewMax Framework

With our proprietary ReviewMAX framework, our technology and team consistently analyze a series of important elements to ensure your success.


Determining the optimal timing for a request based on your industry and business.


Building a process to consistently request reviews for your business

Data Quality

Analyzing a baseline and consistently measuring to ensure maximized success.


Utilize our suite of tools to maximize reviews with field and follow up processes.

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Why It Matters

Automating the data flow drives more reviews and increases campaign success

Driving more 5 star reviews for your business is the #1 way you can stand out from your competitors and grow your business in today's digital world. 

% of customers fully automated


% more customers asked when automation in place


% more reviews earned when automated


How To Set up

It's Easy. Let Our Team Set up The Integration For You.

Our team does all the heavy lifting to make the setup process quick and easy for your team.

1. Sign Up For Liftify

Schedule a demo and then sign up with the right solution to help you achieve your business goals.

2. Onboarding Call

We will schedule a live onboarding with your dedicated Liftify Customer Success manager.

3. Our Team Sets It Up

Our integrations team will walk through the steps and/or set up the integration to get the data connected.


View Our Most Popular Integrations

                                                See integration details from the most popular CRM / POS systems that we have actively running.

We can connect with your ServiceTitan and trigger at Job Status Completed.

We can directly connect to your Hubspot account and trigger at any point with any field.

We can directly connect to your Salesforce Account and trigger at any field change.

We can pull in your customer data when the invoice is created, then you can choose which customers you want to send the review requests to.

We can connect to your Acculynx and trigger at Completed, Invoiced, or Closed.

We can connect with your OpenTable and will trigger when Reservation is marked “Done.”

We can connect to your Housecall Pro and trigger at Completed Job.

We can directly connect to your Jobber account and trigger at job completion or new invoice stage.

We can directly connect to your GPS Insight and trigger at “New Job Created.”

We can connect with your Xcelerate and trigger at any milestone.

We can connect with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and trigger at Completed Job.

We can directly connect to your Zoho CRM and trigger with any field being updated.

We can connect with your Fieldwork and trigger at “New Invoice.”

We can directly connect to your Service Fusion and trigger at Job Status Completed or Invoiced.

We can directly connect to your Sera Systems and trigger at “Invoice Accepted.”

We can connect to your Encircle and trigger at “Property Claim Updated.”

We can directly connect to your SharpSpring account and trigger when a new form is filled out.

Integration FAQ

How long does it take to set up the integration?

It depends on the system but most CRM integrations take between 5-10 minutes and can be setup during the onboarding call.

Will I be able to exclude angry or upset customers?

Yes! We have recommended fields or tags that you can use in your system to exclude people that you do not want to receive a review request.

How often will my data sync with Liftify's system?

Most of our integration triggers are instant, so we receive data immediately whenever you complete a job. We do have the ability to place a delay if you would prefer for the request to go out a little bit later.

How can I unsubscribe a contact once they've already been enrolled?

Email with the contact's email address and/or phone number

Will my repeat customers get a review request every time?

No, we store contact data for whatever period of time makes sense for your business and if a customer has another job during that timeframe, our system will not put them through our request process again.