More reviews = more revenue

review generation Is our specialty. Unlock your potential! 

Our proprietary review generation product, process, and tools are unlike anything else and drive breakthrough results.

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Why It Matters

Reviews Drive Revenue & Amplify All of Your marketing

Driving more 5 star reviews for your business is the #1 way you can stand out from your competitors and grow your business in today's digital world. 

Organic Rankings
Improve your SEO
Paid Ad Efficiency

Make paid $ go further

More Sales
More leads & revenue
Long Term Value
Raise your valuation
Our Approach

No More Out of The box, Set It And Forget It Campaigns. 
Your Deserve Better Than That. 

Your review generation should be treated like best in class marketing campaigns - continually tested, refined, and optimized.

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Scientific & Data Driven Methodology

We have broken down each part of the review generation process and implemented methods that help you succeed where others often fail.

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Personalized To Your Business

All messages to customers come directly from you (not us). Campaigns are personalized with your real time data to compel customers to act.

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Continual Optimization

Our tech continually monitors the thousands of weekly campaigns we are running across the globe and is constantly learning how to improve each campaign.

Our Process

We Do The Work To Get You Started

Our team does the heavy lifting to get everything setup and ensure you will maximize success.       

1. We Setup Your Account

Our team will do all the work to get your account setup and ready to go. (Including integration)

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3. Launch!

We pride ourselves on moving fast and driving quick results. Typical first campaign launch within days.

2. Live Onboarding Call

Your dedicated Customer Success team member will ensure correct setup, demo, and answer questions.

4. Active Monitoring

Our team will monitor your performance, share updates, and make changes to increase success.

Implement Our ReviewMax Framework

With our proprietary ReviewMax framework, our technology and team consistently analyze a series of important elements to ensure your success.


Determining the optimal timing for a request based on your industry and business.


Building a process to consistently request reviews for your business

Data Quality

Analyzing a baseline and consistently measuring to ensure maximized success.


Utilize our suite of tools to maximize reviews with field and follow up processes.

Our Features

Features That Differentiate Our Review Generation

Active Optimization
Using our macro campaign analytics, we continually optimize campaigns for our customers
Our technology detects what the reviewer is logged into on their device to make the process easy
SMART Campaigns
We apply our SMART methodology to each campaign to maximize performance
Multi-channel sequence campaigns are sent via e-mail and text message in addition to POS
Intelligent Sequencing
Multi-step sequences optimized for conversion and automatically end campaign when review is left
Duplicate Prevention
Our system identifies people who have already left a review and blocks them from future requests
All communications are personalized and compel the reviewer to leave a review
Randomization Capability
Ability to randomly send review requests between locations for multi-location businesses
Watch this quick video and see how Liftify helped SERVPRO Team Gutierrez double their online reviews and become the first franchise out of two thousand across North America cross the 1,000 Google review milestone. 

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