Culture Activation

Activate a 5 Star Culture within your organization

By partnering with Liftify you can help drive a culture across your organization to earn 5 star reviews and celebrate milestones.

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Why It Matters

Improve Your Customer Experience Through Culture

When your team is focused on providing 5 star customer experience every time, the result is higher quality work, more satisfied customers, increased repeat customers and referrals, and business growth! Nothing is more powerful than a team or network of businesses fully bought into creating 5 star experiences for customers and earning those public reviews.

Culture Activation

Ways That We Help Activate The Culture

By partnering with Liftify you can help drive a culture across your organization to earn 5 star reviews and celebrate milestones.



Continually stay up to date with custom alerts of new reviews and progress

We can customize your notifications in whatever way is beneficial for you. Whether you want immediate alerts or a daily report, we can set up your notifications to best serve you in the day-to-day.

% to next milestone goal


% increase in reviews with Liftify


% of reviews that are positive




Virtual and live training available for us to help educate your team and get them bought in

Liftify is committed to helping your team reach their review goals. Training is available, live or virtually, to teach your team about why reviews matter, how they affect each member of your team, and how to get them consistently. 


Milestone Tracking

Milestone Tracking and Email Notifications To the Entire Team

The Liftify team is dedicated to tracking your success and helping you reach your review goals. You will be notified through celebration emails when your team reaches a milestone and we encourage you to share with your whole team!

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celebration swag

Celebrate Success With Custom Trophy & Swag Recognizing Each Milestone Achievement

Celebrate your success and be proud of your accomplishments with 5 star swag and a trophy from the Liftify team. Display your trophy in your office or at your facility to show-off your success as a top rated company!


Reach Milestone

When your team crosses a Google review milestone, whether that's 100, 1,000, or 10,000 reviews, we want to recognize the hard work that went into getting those 5-star reviews!

Email Notification

Receive an email celebration from your team at Liftify when you cross those review milestones and share with your team.

Ship Trophy

We will ship you a trophy to display in your business that shows your dedication to the great service that gets you those 5 star reviews.


Celebrate with your team! Read your reviews together, shoutout team members who are mentioned in the reviews, and be proud of the work you've done!

Liftify Recognizes STAR Financial Bank As First Bank in midwest to reach 1,000 Google reviews

Liftify has partnered with STAR Financial Bank since September of 2022. STAR is a 37-location regional bank that focuses heavily on community and customer experience. STAR Financial Bank felt a disconnect between all of the great feedback they were receiving internally and the lack of feedback posted publicly on platforms such as Google. When we began partnering together, we were able to bridge that gap and since then, STAR has become the #1 ranked bank on Google in the midwest.

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