Review Responding

Let Us Take The work of  Review Responding Off Your Plate

Spend your time doing the work that gets you 5 star reviews and we'll take care of the rest!

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Why It Matters

Responding To Every Review Is Critical, but it might not be the best use of time for your team to do it internally


Let us help take that off your plate! 


% of buyers read review responses

% of buyers are more likely to use a business that replies to reviews

% of buyers likely to buy from a business that only responds to negative reviews.
Review Responding Services

Our Review Responding Solutions

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Automated AI Responding

Our technology can respond to your reviews for you so that you can get back to the work that you love.

Live Person Manual Responding

Want your responses more personalized? We'll respond for you while maintaining your brand voice.

Negative Review Tracking

Never forget or avoid a negative review again. We'll help you respond and monitor until resolved.


Automated Responding

Let our technology automatically Respond to new reviews

Responding to reviews is critical, but we know how time consuming it can be. Liftify can set up automated responses that will take care of it for you! With our AI-technology, your reviews will be responded to with detailed, personalized messages.


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Live Person Manual Responding

Want a more personalized touch? Have our team manually respond with your brand voice on your behalf

Don't have time, but want your responses personalized? Our team knows you and your business. We can capture your brand voice and respond for you with that at the forefront of our minds so that your customers continue to feel the brand experience that they love.


Negative Review Tracking

Don't let any outstanding issues fall through the cracks! Our team can help you track outstanding negative reviews that need follow up from your team

We know negative reviews are tough, so what do you do when you get them? Our team can track negative reviews that need to be addressed and can monitor until all action items are completed. That way, you'll never forget or avoid them again!

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