Podcast: Head, Heart & Boots, 'Leveraging AI For Google Reviews'

About the Podcast

Head, Heart & Boots is a podcast produced by Floodlight Consulting. It is hosted by the Chris and Brandon, founders of Floodlight. Their show focuses on how to grow your business and build a legacy you will be proud of. They talk about a range of topics that cover strategies and insights that can better equip your team and grow your business!

Episode Highlights

Liftify CEO Zach joined Chris and Brandon on the Head, Heart & Boots Podcast for the second time to dive into the topic of AI and how to leverage in your review generation. Throughout the episode, they covered topics from how to balance personal and professional commitments, being adaptable in an industry with ever changing technology, and why you should embrace AI in business operations. 

What is the reality of AI? And how is it going to help?

It's not going to solve everything as we know. The main thing that excites us about AI integration is efficiency! This technology allows you to focus more on things you have to do because you can use these tools for the other stuff like writing job descriptions, idea generation, and social posts. Utilize it but stay focused on your own targets.

How is Liftify utilizing AI?

The number one complaint of our customers when they first start getting more reviews is, "I don't have time to respond to all of these." We know it's nice to thank people and Google likes the engagement. Liftify has integrated an AI tool that will read and respond to the reviews. Typically these tools will get you 80-90% there, which saves lots of time. This allows owners to loosen their grip and allow office managers or others to respond. The exciting part is that this is just phase one and more is coming! 

How does Liftify work with restoration companies?

We don't want to just be a software company that sells stuff. We want to actually solve a problem, care about the businesses, and drive results. What we started noticing was that restoration customers we weren't hitting acceptable conversion rates, so we started to dig in and made a restoration specific solution that is custom made for these types of businesses.


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