Meet Alex Ramirez: Customer Success Specialist (SMB)



Meet Alex Ramirez, our enthusiastic and dedicated Customer Success Specialist at Liftify! With a heart for empowering others, Alex oversees onboarding our fantastic new customers, providing top-notch coaching, training, and ensuring that all our clients achieve success.

Personal Background

Alex was born and raised in Frankfort, IN. She is the youngest of 3 and calls her parents and siblings some of her closest friends today! She spent her teen years cheering for her high school's unique mascot--a Hotdog! She then went on to attend and graduate from Indiana University with a degree in secondary education (Spanish).

She and her husband, Francis have a blended family with 4 daughters who are 10, 9, 7, and 3. They call themselves "the RamFam - cruising through life in our minivan." When she isn't at work she spends most of her time doing laundry (for real). Some of her favorite activities outside of work include singing and dancing at home with her family, serving at her local church through leading worship & assisting with events, catching up with friends over coffee, and trying new restaurants with Francis!

Professional Background (Before Liftify)

Prior to her time at Liftify, Alex taught Spanish at both the middle school and high school levels for 12 years. She possesses the ability to be both light-hearted and effective in her teaching style, which was helpful both in teaching and now at Liftify. Alex brings a unique set of skills to the team from an educational background. Her expertise lies in simplifying complex processes and making a genuine impact on the lives of our customers. 

At Liftify

As Alex was looking for what was next, a mutual connection introduced Alex to Zach. The connection knew of Zach and the brand and was a big believer that Zach was building something big. Alex wanted to be a part of it! Her background in teaching and leadership experience in other areas of life aligned nicely with the role that she stepped into at Liftify.  

Her role as a Customer Success Specialist has her working predominantly with small business owners. She loves building strong relationships with the customers that she serves (if you tell her your dog's name - she'll never forget it!). She is also willing to always go the extra mile to ensure her customer is taken care of. Alex's favorite part of the gig is driving results and celebrating the customer's success!

What truly motivates Alex is the close-knit camaraderie with her fellow Liftify team members. Together, they continuously refine and streamline processes, staying ahead of the curve and anticipating the needs of their trusted clients. 

I love working with my team to unpack and attack new problems or challenges that present themselves. Liftify is full of collaborative, caring, and fun people who are full of humility, but also incredibly driven. While we are results-obsessed, we value operating out of integrity above all else.

- Alex Ramirez | Customer Success Specialist at Liftify




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