Meet Liftify Advisor: Marcus Hall


Professional Background

Marcus Hall is the President and Partner of California Closets Midwest, which is made up of 6 locations across Indiana, Ohio, and Central Illinois. Prior to this role, he was the sales SaaS leader at ExactTarget, which has since become Salesforce Marketing Cloud. He also has experience working in professional sports sales for the Pacers. 

With an impressive leadership background, Marcus brings his passion for business development, marketing, and strategy to the Liftify Advisor Board and we are so thankful to have his guidance and support. 

Connection To Liftify

Marcus met Zach in 2020 as an initial test customer who was piloting his California Closets locations with Liftify. Throughout the pilot, he was able to see results and the impact that they had on his business and he shared the success they had with fellow franchisees and other business owners. They kept in touch and Marcus continued to help Zach understand the franchise world, as well as provide an inside look into local business needs and challenges. He was able to give Zach the unique perspective of a customer mindset after being one of the first our company had. In 2021, Zach reached out and asked Marcus to serve as a Liftify advisor. Since then, Marcus Hall has been providing input on products and services, giving great insights to the customer experience, and supporting Liftify's growth. 




Marcus brings an important customer voice and perspective to our advisor group. He is a Liftify customer and runs a large and successful home service company that is similar to many other Liftify customers. In addition to this, he has a strong background in SaaS and leadership and is a great source of wisdom as we continue to grow the business. I greatly appreciate Marcus' abundance mentality and confidence in me and our team to build Liftify into a solution that truly meets the needs of customers in today's digital world.

Zach Garrett | Founder & CEO, Liftify

Why They Believe In Liftify

Marcus recognized that there was an incredible opportunity to impact the whole online reputation of a business. Marcus could see that Zach clearly had a passion for helping small business owners see the impact of his solution. Within Marcus' business, they care deeply about the customer experience, so working with Zach was an easy decision when they saw the initial results and since then they have continued to build on their campaigns. Marcus believes in Liftify because he has seen the success firsthand. Zach's unique character and passion is another big reason why Marcus joined the Liftify team. Marcus is excited for Liftify's future because customer's are only increasing their need to see the reviews of peers to establish trust and ultimately make the decision to choose a business. 


Zach's passion for small business owners to truly see results and truly get the most return on their investments is really unique, makes his company special, and is a big reason why I've joined what he is building here at Liftify. 

Marcus Hall | Liftify Advisor



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