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About MAX Service Group

MAX Service Group is a brand of leading home providers that is made up of: William's Comfort Air, Mr. Plumber, Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Jarboe's Heating, Cooling & Plumbing and Buckeye Heating & Cooling. The MAX brand as a whole is committed to quality work, craftsmanship, and serving their communities. 

Partnership with Liftify

In the Fall of 2022, Zach spoke on a marketing expert panel at a marketing summit in Indianapolis. Zach met another one of the panelists, Matt Tyner, who at the time served as VP of Brand Experience at MAX Service Group. At this point, MAX Service Group, a leading HVAC company, had been implementing a lot of modern technology to achieve their online reputation goals and had been working for many years with a large vendor in the review space. 

After Zach and Matt initially connected and were able to share about each of their businesses, MAX Service group felt that there was a better opportunity to increase results and they were looking for a partner that had a higher service market that could support his team more than what they were currently getting. This created a great relationship between Liftify and MAX, as well as with Zach and Matt, and MAX Service Group became official Liftify customers in the Fall of 2023.  

Being an Indianapolis based company, you see the "Max" logo all around town as Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber are the leading brand. We are excited to partner with Max Service group across their 15+ locations in the Midwest and help them share their story of integrity, high quality work, and premium service to those needing HVAC assistance.

Zach Garrett | Liftify Founder & CEO

Results with Liftify 

Since officially getting launched with Liftify in September 2023, MAX Service Group has gained over 5,000 new Google reviews across their 17 locations. This has resulted in an overall 21% increase in Google reviews and a positive impact on their online reputation. 

Liftify has been instrumental in enhancing our online reputation. Kristen, our dedicated customer success manager, ensures smooth operations. Zach's visionary approach and attentive listening have truly personalized our experience. Their expertise in reputation management is unparalleled. Liftify is undoubtedly a game-changer for any business seeking effective online presence management.

Corey Trojanowski | SEO Manager


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