Liftify invited to participate in 2023 CertaPro Painters® convention in Carlsbad, CA

Last week, our team headed to Carlsbad, California, to participate in the highly anticipated 2023 annual CertaPro Painters conference. The event proved to be an incredible opportunity for our team.

Celebrating Success and Community

The CertaPro Painters conference represented the unwavering dedication of the 300+ businesses forming the thriving community of the CertaPro Painters community. There was an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and shared achievements as we came together. This gathering was a great opportunity to acknowledge the hard work, determination, and passion that each franchisee brings to the table. It also highlighted the power of a supportive network, wherein all businesses, regardless of size or location, play a crucial role in each other's growth and success.


Engaging New Franchisees

One of the most exciting aspects of the conference was the chance to connect with new franchisees. Their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives helped energize the event. The exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices created a rich learning environment for everyone involved. The new additions to the CertaPro family were warmly welcomed, and we were thrilled to meet them and have the potential of new partnerships.



Insightful Breakout Sessions

The conference featured insightful breakout sessions, offering all kinds of  topics that catered to franchisees' specific needs and interests. Industry experts and leaders within the CertaPro Painters organization shared their wisdom and experiences, providing valuable insights into various aspects of running a successful location. From marketing strategies to operational efficiency, these sessions will impact their businesses positively in the coming days.

We were able to celebrate our partners and build relationships with new potential customers. We enjoyed being able to join in on the experience of seeing a network of franchisees who truly support and cheer each other on! We can't wait to continue our successful partnership together.





Zach Garrett

Zach Garrett / About Author

Zach is the Founder & CEO of Liftify and also an industry expert on reputation, digital marketing, and brand experience.

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