Liftify Showcases Success at 2023 Floor Coverings Convention in Cancun, MX

Liftify had the chance to kick off our convention season at the 2023 Floor Coverings International convention in the beautiful Cancun, Mexico. The event celebrated our proud partnership with this exceptional organization and their recent brand refresh as "The Stars of Flooring." As we reflected on the past two years of collaboration, we were excited to learn that locations working with us have received an impressive 4,100 Google reviews with an outstanding average rating of 4.9.


A Harmonious Partnership

The convention provided us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate the seamless partnership between Liftify and FCI. We both share a mutual commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the event served as a testament to the success achieved when two like-minded groups joined forces. 




One of the most significant highlights of the convention was Floor Coverings International's brand refresh, unveiling their new identity as "THE STARS OF FLOORING." The fresh branding emphasized their commitment to being industry leaders, shining brightly with unparalleled products and services. The rebranding showcased their dedication to being customer-centered, innovative, and finishing their jobs with excellence, which align perfectly with our values.


Celebrating Remarkable Achievements

The convention celebrated the FCI brand refresh and an acted as an occasion to acknowledge the incredible achievements we've made together over the past 2 years. We were thrilled to learn that locations collaborating with our team garnered an impressive 4,100 Google reviews, with an astounding average rating of 4.9. These exceptional reviews are a testament to the unparalleled quality of service and products that the FCI team provides. It is a gratifying experience to witness our collective efforts result in overwhelming customer satisfaction and loyalty.



A Shared Vision for the Future

As the convention drew to a close, there was great excitement for the future. With "THE STARS OF FLOORING" guiding us, we are excited to continue transforming the lives of our customers and the flooring landscape itself.

The event was a testament to the strength of our partnership and the incredible impact we've had on the flooring industry. Looking back at the last two years of collaboration, that resulted in great success, we are excited about the future. 





Zach Garrett

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Zach is the Founder & CEO of Liftify and also an industry expert on reputation, digital marketing, and brand experience.

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