Liftify CEO Zach Garrett Speaks at RIA 2024 Convention

About RIA

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest trade association. They are dedicated to providing leadership in the restoration industry and promoting high standards through best practices and professional qualifications. They are also home to the first unified restoration advocacy group who works to establish good relationships and equity in between restorers and insurers.

Each year, RIA hosts an industry convention and expo. This year's convention was held in Dallas, Texas. The convention hosts a group of leaders in the restoration space to speak on the year's innovations, new strategies, and tactics on how to improve your overall business. 

Zach speaking

Liftify CEO Zach Garrett was asked to speak on an expert panel about digital marketing and tactics that can help your restoration business grow. He joined Katie Harris (Spot On Solutions) and educated business owners on using online marketing to grow your business in 2024 and beyond. During the one hour presentation they covered 3 specific areas and then fielded questions from audience members as well.

1. How Public Reviews (ie. Google) Help You

Zach shared the big picture of why reviews matter. He spoke about how customers care about reviews and look at them during their decision making process, as well as future employees when deciding to apply or not. Low ratings and reviews can lead to loss of potential business, whereas more reviews help businesses have a high organic ranking on Google leading to more visibility when future customers are looking for your service. Overall, it helps improve the long term value of your business. 

2. How to leverage content marketing to help grow your brand and awareness

Zach and Katie shared about how content marketing can lead to the growth of brand awareness for your company. He encouraged business leaders to add these practices into their regular routines:

  • Have your company put out helpful information, team highlights, & reviews of your work to help people get to know your brand and your values.
  • As the leader of a business, share personal things online about yourself, leadership, and your team for others to relate to.
  • Participate in community events, podcasts, and other non-traditional ways that can help get the word out about your company.

3. Online marketing tactics you can deploy to grow your commercial business 

Lastly, they spoke about marketing tactics that can translate directly into business growth. Having more online reviews than your competitors can help you become a leader in your market. You can reference those reviews when you are working your way into a corporate relationship. Finally, finding ways to add value to your customers through connecting them with others who can help them is highly beneficial and can grow your network and establish credibility. 

RIA is the leading industry organization and the EXPO is the premier industry conference in the restoration space. It was an honor to be invited to speak and share trends and cutting edge tactics with a large room of leaders and marketers. Katie at SOS leads a great business and is a wealth of knowledge. It was a privilege to share the stage with her and  get her perspectives as well. There is a huge shift happening in the way restoration businesses are measuring their quality and trying to gather public reviews and Liftify is proud to be there to help companies navigate their future strategy.

Zach Garrett | CEO & Founder, Liftify

Liftify Restoration RIA Member Customer Success Story

Liftify has worked to create a solution that is specific for the restoration industry. With an emphasis on asking the customer at the right time and gaining team buy-in, Liftify has been able to help transform hundreds of restoration businesses' online reputation, which has ultimately led to business growth and organic leads. 


Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 2.12.57 PMSERVPRO TEAM GUTIERREZ CASE STUDY

SERVPRO Team Gutierrez is a perfect example of Liftify's restoration solution producing outstanding results. They started with Liftify in May of 2023 with 619 reviews.

Quickly, they became the first SERVPRO location to cross the 1,000 Google Review Milestone. They have built a culture of excellence that translates into the reviews left for them. They celebrate each review and reward those who do the work to earn them.

Today Team Gutierrez not only relies on Liftify to help drive online reviews, but also use Liftify's customer messaging solution to do 1-1 communications with customers throughout the project to streamline communications.


Check out the video of us celebrating their big 1,000 review milestone!



The Liftify team loved being able to see our partners, customers, and friends in the industry and we are already looking forward to next year's convention!


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