Podcast: Service Business Mastery Podcast, 'Grassroots to Greatness'

About the Podcast

The Service Business Mastery Podcast serves as a weekly guide to navigating the service business landscape, addressing both challenges and opportunities. Hosted by Tersh Blissett and Joshua Crouch, the podcast is designed for technicians, managers, and business owners on a mission to overcome common business obstacles.

Each week, they bring new insights from a diverse array of business leaders and influencers, delving into unasked questions to uncover strategies you might not hear elsewhere. This podcast is for anyone looking to refine their skills, expand their business, or gain insights from those who have already been through it.

About the Episode

Throughout the episode, Tersh and Zach talk through Zach's transition from starting Liftify to now managing a team at Liftify, the importance of business reputation building, and more! Here are some key questions that were hit throughout the episode:

Q: How do you stay excited about learning more about reputation building?

Zach explains that it's easy for him to stay excited because he deeply believes in what we're doing and the impact it has. He is passionate about the work Liftify does and how it transforms our customers' businesses. Zach shares that what helps him most is remembering the "why"—not only why the work matters but also in relation to the people you hire and your team's environment.

Q: What are your thoughts about replying to reviews?

Between 2021 and 2022, the number of Google reviews increased by 23%. However, most businesses don't respond to them. While 90% of consumers read review responses, less than 40% of businesses ever respond. When you respond to a customer, you're not just responding to that individual but also to the next 500 potential customers who search for your business. 

Q: Why would you need to respond to the 5-star reviews?

It's part of the search algorithms. Google favors businesses that interact and engage with their customers using key words. It's also the right thing to do when someone takes the time to "vote" for you online—take a moment to thank them. Additionally, people read the responses. Customers will wonder if businesses read and care about their reviews. Those are the simple answers, and it's never been easier than it is now.

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