Liftify Celebrates California Closets® Achieving 10x Google Review Growth at 2024 Convention

The California Closets® Brand

California Closets® was established in 1978 with a college student's mission to maximize space in his dorm room. Fast-forward to today, it has expanded far past the dorm room  becoming a multinational franchise and company-owned organization with over 160 locations spanning all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

With an emphasis that "the home is more than a place," they operate with the utmost excellence by never subcontracting, employing professionally-trained design consultants & installation techs, having limitless custom solutions that can work with any budget, and providing peace of mind through a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Liftify as a trusted partner For NPS & Public Reviews

Liftify began working with California Closets in 2020. After immediate success during the pilot phase with franchisees, Liftify developed a great corporate relationship which led to the entire California Closets network, all 160 locations working exclusively with Liftify. Along with review generation, Liftify also facilitates their Net Promoter Score surveys which allows California Closets to use both internal and external feedback to constantly improve their business and attract new customers.


Liftify has helped California Closets consistently increase their internal feedback via Net Promoter Score surveys.

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At the same time, Liftify has helped California Closets 10x their Google reviews across the network.

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Our partnership with California Closets is a great example of what the Liftify solution can provide. From the beginning of our conversations, California Closets wanted to grow their online public reputation while also continually getting internal feedback that would help them improve their business and serve customers well. We have been able to dramatically increase their public reviews while also increasing the amount of survey feedback they are receiving. California Closets is the clear leader in their industry and we are proud to be a trusted partner.

- Zach Garrett | Founder & CEO, Liftify

Event Highlights

The Liftify team had the pleasure of attending and participating in the 2024 California Closets Conference in Tampa, FL. One of the greatest highlights of the conference was being able to celebrate the California Closets locations that have recently crossed major Google review milestones by giving each franchise a trophy for the milestone they crossed in 2023! Watch the recap video below.


We absolutely love working with Liftify. Our Google reviews have skyrocketed since we started working with Liftify. We have customers reach out and ask to work with specific designers because they have seen the positive reviews calling out our great team members. We know that potential customer are looking at reviews. They are so important in today's digital world.

-Heather Woods | Director of Sales & Marketing, California Closets of Southwest Florida



Here are Some Pictures of Customers with their trophies:

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