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C&R Magazine is the oldest trade publication that is dedicated to the cleaning and restoration industry. It was founded by the Restoration Industry Association over 40 years ago. As of July 2021, C&R is led by Michelle Blevins, an industry media partner and friend of Liftify. C&R has made their content free to everyone in the industry that is full of the industry news, podcasts and videos from restoration experts, high quality educational information, and much more!

About the Article

In February 2023, Liftify Founder & CEO, Zach Garrett was published in C&R Magazine with an article entitled, "Why Online Reviews Are Critical Ingredients to Your Business Growth." 

The article focuses on the main question of any business owner: "What strategies will we use to grow next year?" Economic times, pandemics, and recession concerns all make this question more pressing. The quick answer that Garrett provides has to do with what customers have to say about them. He shares that Google reviews directly correlate to brand awareness, SEO, and organic leads. It's clear that NPS scores are not as important to future customers because they aren't published anywhere publicly and as Google continues to be where people search for home service options, business owners must adapt and invest in winning on Google before they're left behind.

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