Podcast: Restoration Today, 'Harnessing The Power of Online Reviews'

About the Podcast

Restoration Today is a Podcast from the C&R family that is hosted by Michelle Blevins weekly. Michelle invites an industry peer on every episode to share about all things restoration! They dive deeper into important topics such as company culture, industry innovation, and helpful tools that can connect with all sorts of people such as contractors, insurers, innovators, and more!

Episode Highlights

In April 2023, Liftify CEO Zach Garrett joined Michelle Blevins to talk on the "how?" of gaining online reviews. They touched on multiple topics about reviews such as how to get good reviews, what to do with bad reviews, and what kind of power reviews hold. 

What is the trick to actually getting a customer to leave a review?

It has to be simple for the company itself, as close to automated as possible. The other part is making it really easy for the customer: needs to be one click and not require a login. People don't want to take the time, especially if it is complicated. If you do those things, people will leave you great reviews.

What are the best platforms for reviews?

For most people, companies are getting NPS scores which is great feedback, but only internal. 0% of customers can see that. What Liftify helps companies understand is that they have to get public reviews in order to grow their business. When it comes to where, 97% of people home service customers are looking on Google. Google is #1 and then secondary platforms like Facebook can be next on the tier.

How does Google view reviews in relation to SEO?

Zach shared the 5 key elements of reviews that factor into SEO: the number of reviews you have, your star rating, recency/frequency, comments with key words and responses, and service tags. 

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