Podcast: The Restoration Rundown, 'The Power of Online Reviews'


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The Restoration Rundown Podcast is your "one stop shop on how to grow your restoration business." The show is hosted by Ben Ricciardi, owner of Ironclad Restoration Marketing and author of “The No B.S Guide to Internet Marketing for Restoration Contractors." The show features experts from all over the restoration industry who share different insights and tactics from digital marketing to the best management solutions.

Ironclad Restoration Marketing specializes in helping restoration companies drive customers to their website by improving their SEO and helping manage their paid ads and social media. Their goal is very simple: to provide a ton of value to their partners by increasing their organic leads.

Episode Highlights

Zach joins Ben on this episode of The Restoration Rundown to talk about the true power that comes with winning in review generation, particularly within the restoration industry. They discuss how important it is to understand the true value of reviews and how to accomplish this in the restoration industry. 

Why do reviews matter to business owners?

First, reviews impacts search results and rankings. Reviews really matter to consumers looking for what companies to use as well as attracting future talent who will look at your online reviews and think to themselves, "is this a place that I want to work?" Reviews translate into being your reputation, so when it comes to a point where you'd want to sell, reviews will help you tremendously. Overall, there is no negative to having a really strong online reputation. 

 What are the challenges in the restoration industry?

A primary challenge in restoration is the optimal timing of getting the review request out. When is your customer the happiest? The other difficulty is that sometimes the person in the field might not be the best person for the ask. It's not natural for everyone and there might not be the right moment. You also don't always interact with the person - are you interacting with the office manager instead of the owner? Restoration companies are typically worse at getting contact info - which is totally in your control. Capture the best quality data that you can and it will just help you market your business for the future.

What does Liftify do for restoration customers?

We coach our customers through a few things. First, we coach you on how to get high quality data. Secondly, we work with you to create a custom solution for your business to get the request to your customer at the optimal time. We will give you a game plan that will work for you and we'll continue to make it better and better over time. 


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