Podcast: Success Elevated, 'A Reviews Revolution'

About the Podcast

Success Elevated Podcast was created by Spot on Solutions (SOS) in February of 2022. The show is hosted by Hayden Lee, Fulfillment Manager of SOS and Katie Harris, Founding Partner and President of SOS. The goal of the show is to reach listeners who are trying to "reach new heights within their personal and professional lives." They host many guests including entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry experts who give helpful insights and tips on management, goal setting, marketing and a lot more. Katie and Zach initially connected through the 2024 RIA Convention where they were asked to speak together on a panel together about marketing tactics to help grow business in 2024.

Spot on Solutions is a digital marketing and consulting firm for businesses in the home service industry. They provide solutions to some fo the industry's biggest challenges, customize plans, and help implement training, procedures, and marketing. What makes them unique is that they provide proof of what works by giving you real reports that help calculate your ROI. 

About the Episode

Throughout the episode, Katie, Zach, and Hayden covered a vast amount of topics which all funneled down to the basics: you need reviews and you need to know why they're important. During the conversation they hit some key questions that many of their customers have:

Q: Why do reviews matter?

They matter for a multitude of reasons but the basics are that people look and trust online reviews. Katie shared a statistic that shows that consumers trust online reviews from strangers equally as much as they would trust a family member saying the same thing about a business. Reviews help you stand out from the crowd of your competitors. In this day and age, everyone has reviews, so you have to figure out how to lead with reviews in your industry and how to stay consistent. In short, reviews help you gain business, stand out amongst your competitors and peers, and help attract new talent.

Q: How do/should I get reviews?

When talking about the “how,” the trio spoke a lot about building a culture of reviews. As a business owner, you have to be bought-in to review culture, but also, your team has to be bought-in and know why it matters. As soon as this mindset is established then you have to do a few things: you have to be committed to asking 90% of your customers for a review, you have to identify within your business when your customer is happiest, and you have to close the loop by responding to the reviews that customers leave.

Q: What does Liftify do to help you in this?

Zach was able to share on the podcast specifically about Liftify and the way we help businesses with their online reputation. Zach shares that Liftify’s goal is truly to “lift” up your business to the next level. Liftify offers to help businesses gain customer feedback and improve customer interaction with a solution that is paired with great service.


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