Liftify Partners with RYNO Strategic Solutions

RYNO Strategic Solutions

RYNO Strategic Solutions is a leading digital marketing agency for the home services industry. They provide coaching and managing in areas like SEO, PPC, and LSA ads, reporting, website design & development, video production. and social media marketing. CEO, Chris Yano also hosts a popular home service podcast, To The Point.

Partnership with Liftify

Liftify initially connected with RYNO Strategic Solutions in 2021 through one of our HVAC customers in Ohio who also used RYNO. Zach was introduced to Chris Yano, RYNO's CEO, and they connected over Indiana, where Liftify is based out of and where Chris was originally from. Chris had Zach on RYNO's podcast (To The Point) and Zach was also able to connect with the team in the office. Eventually Liftify test-piloted some of RYNO's accounts and after great success together, we officially became partners in June 2023. 


RYNO is a leader in home service digital marketing and our company is excited to partner with them to help their customers strengthen their reputation and gain a competitive advantage in the ever more competitive HVAC, roofing, and plumbing markets.

Zach Garrett | Liftify Founder & CEO


Success Stories

We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air is a 4-location HVAC company based out of Murrieta, CA. They came to Liftify through RYNO in June of 2023. They started with 4,815 reviews and have since then increased their Google reviews by 29%. 


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Check out Liftify CEO, Zach Garrett on RYNO's Pocast:



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