Liftify Partners with Floodlight Consulting Group

Floodlight Consulting Group

Floodlight Consulting Group is a training and coaching service for the disaster restoration industry that is owned by Brandon Reece & Chris Nordyke. Their mission is to "help restorers improve their process, develop their people, increase their revenues and grow their profits." They offer 1-on-1 custom consulting, training in project management & leadership, business opportunity audits, and they host a popular restoration podcast Head, Heart & Boots.

Partnership with Liftify

Liftify originally connected with Floodlight Consulting Group in June 2022 through a restoration customer who was a mutual client. Zach had conversations with them about what Liftify did and how it was impacting the restoration industry. Floodlight was getting a lot a questions about reviews and saw that it was a real need amongst their customers. They asked Zach to come onto their podcast (Head, Heart, & Boots) to share about the Liftify solution and how to achieve review generation in the restoration space. From there, they introduced us to a few of their customers to pilot and tested the results. The pilots ended up performing very well and we formally partnered together in January 2023. 

Chris and Brandon are thought leaders in the restoration industry and I am proud to partner with Floodlight Consulting and their popular podcast Head Heart & Boots. We have spent a lot of time together over the last couple years and just like for us - taking care of customers and doing the right things the right way is just who they are.

Zach Garrett | Liftify CEO & Founder

Success Stories

Advanced DRI is an 11-location restoration company who was connected to Liftify through Floodlight Consulting. They started with Liftify in November of 2022 with 212 reviews. Since then, they have increased their reviews by 151%. They are currently earning reviews at a rate that is double the industry standard. They personally reply to each of their reviews in a timely manner and have been wonderful to work with. We are so thankful for the type of customers that Floodlight Consulting sends our way!


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Check out Zach Garrett, CEO & Founder of Liftify on Head, Heart, & Boots Podcast:

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Zach is the Founder & CEO of Liftify and also an industry expert on reputation, digital marketing, and brand experience.

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