Meet Liftify Advisor: Dave Holly


Professional Background

Dave Holly started his career at IBM as an engineer but then moved into the business-side of things when he helped a smaller fast-growing company and helped scale to IPO. Throughout his life, Dave has held many leadership roles that have produced successful companies such as his role as the President of the cable division of Acterna. Holly then became a CEO of a publicly traded company in the telecom industry, started his own consulting company and led a ministry called Truth at Work all before 'retiring.'

His expertise in Product Lifecycle Management, business planning, and go-to-market strategy has greatly impacted Liftify and we are very thankful to have Dave for guidance and input on our business. 

Connection To Liftify

In 2014, Zach was paired together with Dave through the Edge Mentoring Program, which they have continued on for the last decade. When Zach initially dreamed up Liftify, Dave Holly was one of the initial people that Zach ran his idea by. Dave helped Zach by making connections and introducing him to some small business owners. Zach continued to go to Dave for advice and ultimately asked him to be on the Advisor Board for Liftify in 2021!

For the last 10 years, Dave has formally and informally been a mentor of mine. I am so grateful he is part of the Liftify team and advising our fast growing company. In both professional and personal things, he is someone that has had great success and someone that can provide wisdom, perspective, and advice that is invaluable for me. He is the most 'seasoned' advisor on our team and brings 25+ years of sales and marketing leadership experience in both public and private companies to the Liftify team.

Zach Garrett | Founder & CEO, Liftify


Why They Believe In Liftify

Dave Holly grew up in marketing. As he looked over the past 30 years that he has worked in marketing, he clearly sees the ways it has changed over the years. Marketing used to be you telling people about yourself, now you have to be the experience. He recounts on his recent family vacation that many of his decisions on the roadtrip were based off of reviews. It's becoming true of every consumer decision you make. So he believes now, if you own a business, you really have to work to manage your reputation.


I have spent my career in marketing and it is clear that building a strong online reputation is important today. I believe Liftify has tremendous potential to grow and meet a critical need for local businesses and also deeply believe in Zach's ability to lead the organization. 

Dave Holly | Liftify Advisor


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