Meet Liftify Advisor: Dave Neff


Professional Background

Dave Neff has recently taken on the role of President & CEO of Boilermaker Alliance, where he leads Purdue University’s exclusive Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) Collective. Purdue Men’s Basketball made the national championship game for the first time in 55 years in 2024. Prior to this role, he has had vast experience in marketing and sales leadership through roles like professional sports sales for the Pacers Sports & Entertainment, a marketing SaaS leader at ExactTarget (now Salesforce), and Prolific. He also started and scaled a national mentoring program, EDGE Mentoring.

Connection To Liftify

Zach and Dave initially met in 2012 when they both were at ExactTarget. When Dave started Edge Mentoring, Zach was one of the first mentees placed in the group and helped Dave with marketing and events over the next few years. They stayed in touch and would often run into each other at Indianapolis business events. When Zach first had the idea for Liftify, Dave was one of the first people he reached out to to vet the idea. Dave was able to give Zach helpful feedback and connect him with some local business owners. Dave saw the results Zach was driving for the initial pilot customer and decided to stay engaged with it. In 2021, Zach asked Dave to join as an Advisor of Liftify and since then he has been providing guidance and helpful feedback as Liftify grows.

Dave is a longtime friend and mentor and I am thrilled to have him on the Liftify team. He has experience in the SaaS industry and also building something from scratch and scaling it with Edge Mentoring. He understands many of the early stage challenges and can provide input, guidance, and connections that are helpful to me as I lead our team. Dave is a great person and master relationship builder and we are blessed to have him involved with Liftify.

Zach Garrett | Founder & CEO, Liftify


Why They Believe In Liftify

Consumer purchasing habits have changed drastically over the last 20 years. Today it is all about peer reviews and if companies aren't thinking about their reputation, they need to change that. When Zach called Dave initially to run a slide deck about his idea of Liftify by him, he could tell there was something special about Zach and his idea. The pandemic negatively affected a lot of small businesses, so when Zach pitched his idea, that was paired with his passion for helping small businesses, Dave absolutely saw the market potential and viewed Zach as someone who was truly capable of building it.


I think the market potential for Liftify is massive and we have a great leader in Zach, to really drive that as he continues to build out the team.

Dave Neff | Liftify Advisor




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