Podcast: The Infinite Franchisee Show, 'Breaking the Review Barrier'

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The Infinite Franchisee Show is hosted by award-winning entrepreneur, April Porter. April runs a business dedicated to helping franchisees through consulting. She has helped many franchisees exponentially grow their business and how to ultimately build a business that runs itself. On the podcast, she hosts many industry experts that share the best and most innovative strategies that will put your business ahead. 

Episode Highlights

Liftify CEO, Zach Garrett joins April Porter on the Infinite Franchisee Show to talk about breaking the review barrier. They cover topics from buying into the fact that times have changed and people buy based off of reviews to reputation building being incorporated into your equation.

What are the benefits of investing into reviews?

What we're seeing in the data is that reviews are the number one factor in local rankings. The more reviews, the higher you'll be in the rankings, which will ultimately give you more leads as a business. More people will find you and your close rate will go up as well. 

Why are companies struggling to get reviews?

We see two reasons why companies don't get reviews: it's complex for the company and companies don't make it easy enough to leave a review. Companies typically don't execute review generation and manually asking is very inconsistent. It also is really hard to get customers to leave a review when there are a ton of steps, when they have to login, and when it's another thing to do.

We still work with a lot of organizations that use those internal surveys. But you can't have customers do another step after completing the big internal survey - it's too much. What we have is a completely separate process that allows you to do both internal and external feedback - they just have to be completely different processes.


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