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About the Podcast

Head, Heart & Boots is a podcast produced by Floodlight Consulting. It is hosted by the Chris and Brandon, founders of Floodlight. Their show focuses on how to grow your business and build a legacy you will be proud of. They talk about a range of topics that cover strategies and insights that can better equip your team and grow your business!

Episode Highlights

Zach joins Chris and Brandon from Floodlight Consulting to talk about lead generation that come from Google reviews. They talk through all of the noise in the reputation management space and get down to what really helps and how to cut through the confusion. 

What parts of online reputation management is important?

It's incredibly challenging and it's constantly changing which is the hardest part. Longterm for any business, you want to grow organic lead funnels and minimize how much you have to pay for paid ads. Ask yourself, "How do I build pipelines that provide longterm value?"

What does Google actually care about?

They want to provide the end consumer with a company that they can fully trust. For a local business, you have to understand that Google has spent a lot of money on how to evaluate local companies through "Google My Business." Make sure you look good on Google and that can turn into your greatest asset. Your Google property/business page is probably your highest ROI property.

What does it mean to add value and content for Google?

Google wants customers to come to Google, search, and call a company from there. They want to surface the best companies that will solve the customers problem. 

What is the pain-point that Liftify is solving for?

Software doesn't solve problems. It's a tool that can used really well, but often times, it isn't used well. So Zach thought, what if we had that tool and could execute it for the customer with it being data-backed. We're not a software company, we are a solution company. We're using data and being a partner that will help you win which is different than most other review companies.


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