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The Infinite Franchisee Show is hosted by award-winning entrepreneur, April Porter. April runs a business dedicated to helping franchisees through consulting. She has helped many franchisees exponentially grow their business and how to ultimately build a business that runs itself. On the podcast, she hosts many industry experts that share the best and most innovative strategies that will put your business ahead. They connect every franchisee to "infinite possibilities."

Episode Highlights

Liftify CEO, Zach Garrett joined April on the show for the second time. This episode they covered many topics including how more reviews translate into more business, why NPS scores aren't enough, and more!

What is the true impact of reviews on your business?

The more reviews you have, the more you're going to show up on Google. It will also help you get chosen more by potential customers. And long-term, it will change the value in your business if you want to sell one day. We can track revenue growth year over year and we've seen some grow as much as 25%. You should be asking your new customers, "where did you find us?" so you can track.

Can you explain the advantages of internal surveys and why they won't translate into more business for the franchise?

If you follow the internal survey flow, you're like most people. What you'll see at the end of the year is very high NPS scores and glowing reviews that are sitting in your internal dashboard. What you don't have is public reviews that future customers can read. You have an empty bag because at the end of the day, you didn't get any online value, which will be what drives revenue for you in the future. It is not easy for a customer to fill out the NPS and then also do a Google review - it's far too many steps!

How can franchisors use this to help grow your brand faster?

If you are a franchisor, you are trying to make all of your franchises attractive to future owners. If you can show evidence of other franchisees that are bought-in to a great review business and you can show the evidence of the success of others - that is very attractive. It also, very tangibly, helps you sell more units which helps lead to more royalties for franchisors. And play the long game. If you do the review game better than anyone else in your market at each location - your whole brand value increases and you become an industry leader. It helps you become the authority over everyone in your space.


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